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Industry Nine Enduro 305 29-inch Wheelset
$1,370.00 - $1,455.00
You ride everywhere and anywhere. No climb is too long, no descent is too chunky or steep. Strength and reliability are key in your mind, but you gotta get up to get down, so you keep an eye on the weights too…you can have it all with EN305. Double black worthiness that'll keep gas in the tank for when you need to get in that last lap before sunset. - 690 P.O.E. Hydra Freehub body engages every 0.52 degrees Yeilding telepathic control - Straight pull, integrated nipple, one-piece aluminum spokes that thread directly into the hubshell resulting in a solid, flex-free junction. No special tools or service procedures required - High-quality aluminum alloy with weatherproof sublimated graphics, tubeless friendly bead shelf, and a proprietary profile to keep dents at bay
Industry Nine Trail 280 Carbon 24h Orange Hydra Hub (Set only)
Your race calendar is starting to fill up, but you’ve also got a bucket list trip to Moab on the horizon - limit your worries to keeping your GPS charged, not your wheelset. A true do it all option, the TR280 wheelset was conceived as a gravity-capable wheelset on a diet. The TR280 mounted to the Hydra 24h system chassis is adept at nimble maneuvering and perfect long days in the saddle thanks to the added compliance offered by the lower spoke count. 6 Bolt Only.
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